Imagine you owned a large, elegant, sailing yacht…  (without all the work, expense and headaches!)

She is tied up at the pier, shipshape and just waiting for you…

Now, you can’t quit your job and sail around the world.  You can’t take off for Tahiti or the islands, you have responsibilities and a mortgage!  But what would you do?

Would you take your family & friends out on a daysail on the Bay? Would you cruise to Easton for the Waterfowl Festival? Maybe Chestertown? Would you round up some crew and go racing in the Wednesday night races? How about a sail to St. Michaels with a few friends for a fancy dinner and spend a romantic night on the boat? Race down the Bay overnight in the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race? Take a couple of days and cruise down to rustic Smith Island? Moor out in Oxford and have a party aboard? Invite all your co-workers out for a wine & cheese cruise? Or maybe you just want to kick back with a beer or a glass of wine and let someone else sail the boat while you enjoy the sun on your face and the wind in your hair, out on the water on a beautiful day?

You can do all that!  Stop imagining and join the Chesapeake Schooner Club and become an owner of three Spirit of Tradition schooners and make your sailing dreams a reality! Add to that a huge mansion on the Chesapeake for your clubhouse, an estate worthy of those schooners, as well as a small fleet of smaller sailboats and other Club amenities. A throwback to a more elegant age of yachting!

The 1880’s America’s Cup vessel Puritan

The Chesapeake Schooner Club is a not for profit, cost-sharing, cooperative designed to allow the average sailor to be an owner of large elegant schooner yachts reminiscent of the grand yachts and America’s Cup racers of the late-1800’s.  Our intent is to build and operate three matched schooners in the 80-90 foot range that follow the Spirit of Tradition approach, melding modern materials and capabilities with timeless craftsmanship and design, and a fleet of mid- and small-sized elegant sailing vessels.  Our goal is to offer boats that both stir the soul and are fast, safe, and comfortable to sail; all while remaining within the reach of the average sailor.  

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This is a slideshow of images from the web showing vessels and details that are the inspiration for the schooners the club will have designed and built.

To find out more about how the club will operate, please read the FAQ.