Joining the Chesapeake Schooner Club

Club membership is limited to 1000 membership units to ensure that members get enough time on the boats. There are no set dues per year, rather this is a cost sharing cooperative. However, to simplify matters for members, Club management attempts to smooth the expenses from year to year to create an approximate cost-sharing “dues” per membership unit.  There are four levels of membership with an increasing number of Club Points to use to reserve Club vessels and facilities:



Club Points

Est. Cost-Share/yr

Junior Member <25yo




Bronze Member




Silver Member




Gold Member




In addition, there is a $1500 one-time initiation fee which will be held in reserve until such time as a schooner is ordered, and is fully refundable until that time.

Joining the Club requires sponsorship by an existing Club member.  If you do not know a Club member then the best option is to attend one of the Club’s familiarization events, which take place periodically while the Club is in a recruiting mode. At the event let the Club management know that you are interested in joining but do not know any members and they will arrange to interview you for membership.

To be put on the list to be invited to the next Club familiarization event, please send an email to